Here I will be placing information about finished apps and QR barcodes you can scan to download them.

Caruso Moments
      This is Caruso Moments, the app that started it all. Its a simple soundboard that allows you to have what I like to call a Caruso Moment. It is those times where you have those moments like David Caruso on CSI: Miami. I have released a free version:
and a donation version that says "done with this" to the ads:

Times Up!
Times Up! is a timer app (oh, but Matt aren't there like a billion of them?) Well maybe, but how many of them  time things AT RANDOM! Thats right, with this app, you have no idea when it will go off! Just set your numbers in the two fields and hit the button! (But first you have to download the app:

This app, inspired by the WriteRoom and DarkRoom programs for mac and pc respectively, is a .txt file editor that is both persistent and distraction free. This is my most complicated app to date, and by far my best, you should go get it, like NOW! :
TypeSet Lite and TypeSet

TypeSet is a new keyboard for the android phones that allows you to set preset messages called typesets that can be accessed at any time by pressing the TypeSet button or swiping up on the keypad. It comes in a lite and a full version, with the lite version you get 5 presets you can set, but with the full version, you get as many as your heart desires!

You can download the lite version by scanning this:
Or the full version by scanning this and paying a dollar (act like you ain't gots one!):

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